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What Do You Do When You Feel You Are Sitting on the Outside of Your Own Success?!

  Image credit: Here .     Not long ago, I had a conversation with one of my long-standing coaching clients (Yes, I still coach…). She was a bit stressed and distraught about her recently failed business. She had put, as she described it “the last 15 years of my f*&king life” into what she had assumed would be her future and of course her lasting legacy.   Little did she know how a small microorganism and an incredibly topsy-turvy year would almost completely derail her entire life. How could she have placed so much of herself into this business she loved, for it to dissolve and ultimately collapse right before her very eyes? She was truly in a state of imaginable grief, the loss of her business was equal to that of the loss of a loved one.   Her grief and her pain most days was truly crippling. I asked her to sit for a moment inside her grief (which is NOT easy for most people to do…after all I am asking you to feel something that’s not comfortable at all), and I en

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